Custom Web-Based Applications

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Custom Web-Based Applications

Web-based applications are any applications accessed through a website, often called the web-based application’s “interface” or “front end.” Pages of web-based applications automatically interact with your customers and clients as needed on behalf of your business. Classic examples of web-based applications include online forms, shopping carts, and electronic mail applications such as Gmail.

Web-Based Application Benefits

Unlike applications that must be installed on every device, a web-based application is installed in one location. Any user with a stand-alone or app-embedded web browser can conveniently access a web-based application through virtually any Internet-enabled device. This also means maintenance and updates to web-based applications are simplified – and your application and mission-critical data can be managed far more securely.

Web-based applications are able to detect if they are being used on a desktop or a mobile device and optimize the user experience based on the browser or app being used. They are also able to better integrate with other web-based applications as well as your company’s existing systems. Add in their ability to easily scale with increasing customer demands as your company grows, and the advantages of web-based applications are clear.

Our web-based application developers have the expertise to turn virtually any business area need into a web-based application based on your unique requirements.