Mobile Application Development

mobile app development

Mobile Application Development

A dedicated mobile app connects your customers more directly with your company, products, and services. That means more orders can be placed and received more quickly – and more serious returns for your business.

Advantages of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a necessary part of organizational branding. Statistics show that over 73% of all online purchases are made from mobile devices.

Plus, having your own mobile app has many advantages. One of the greatest benefits is that it allows you to design a very personalized version of your firm for your customers. So rather than always navigating to your website with a browser, customers open your app directly on their mobile devices – and are instantly “at” your company.

Many features in a custom mobile app can also be used by your customers whether they are online or offline. Additionally, mobile apps can leverage features of mobile devices themselves, including location services, camera access, and payment gateways. The ability to use push notifications to reach your customers and keep them updated in real-time is often sufficient justification alone to have your own custom mobile app.

Web-Based Apps and Mobile

When it comes to your digital presence, it's not ultimately an either/or decision. You want to cover all your bases.

Zamorins' mobile application development group has significant experience designing efficient, low-cost custom mobile applications to extend and enhance your company’s digital presence. They are well-versed in crafting custom user interfaces (UI) and unique user experiences (UX) for both the iOS and Android mobile platforms tailored to your explicit specifications.

Our mobile application development group also understands the power of connecting your web-based apps with your custom mobile apps to leverage the combined strengths of each while maximizing overall customer engagement.