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Parkzapp inspector checks a playground for hazards to ensure safe play for children
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ParkZapp: Our Flagship Product


Parks are public gathering places that blend natural and man-made features. To ensure that members of the community have a safe and enjoyable experience at a park, it is vital that the amenities and equipment are inspected and maintained regularly.

That's where ParkZapp - an innovative, user-friendly mobile application that allows users to inspect playgrounds - comes to play. ParkZapp’s digital interface eliminates pen and paper inspections, making it a greener, more sustainable option for the future.

The Need:

Conventional playground inspection processes rely on paper-based inspection forms that are filled out by CPSI inspectors. This process is not an eco-friendly option and leads to data redundancy.

Switching to a digital platform eliminates the problems associated with paper-based inspections. It makes the inspection process more efficient and saves time.

Project Background and Description:

ParkZapp is a mobile application owned and developed by Zamorins Solutions in 2015. The platform was developed to provide a hands-on interface for users to inspect playground equipment. In addition to serving as an inspection tool, it provides features such as digitized reports, media uploads, audits and work order creation.

Information is collected and stored on a cloud-based platform, which synchronizes data on multiple devices. ParkZapp features can be customized to meet specific end-user requirements while maintaining compliance with CPSC, CSA and ASTM standards. The application is available for use on IOS and Android devices.

Project Goals and Objectives:

  • To Inspect:

ParkZapp is an all-in-one inspection tool that can be used to complete audits and inspections of playgrounds on a mobile device. The application can be used to generate digitized reports, attach pictures or videos of equipment, and relay real-time inspection status via geo-locations on integrated maps. ParkZapp provides instant access to updated manuals for agencies that follow ASTM standards and/or CPSC guidelines.

  • To Manage:

ParkZapp's user-friendly dashboard helps manage administrative roles and permissions. The digital interface automates playground compliance and provides maintenance alert tools that help manage possible non-compliance issues. ParkZapp can be configured to accommodate a single user or an entire enterprise depending on the structure of management.

  • To Connect:

ParkZapp's interactive platform facilitates collaboration between communities and companies to maintain parks and playgrounds. Injuries at the park can be prevented by using ParkZapp’s photo and video recording feature. Non-compliance issues or hazards can be communicated directly to equipment manufacturers. Communities receive the latest park event notifications and updates when they are published on ParkZapp.

The Process and Insight:

Zamorins mobile application development team has significant experience designing efficient, low-cost custom mobile applications. ParkZapp was developed using custom user interfaces (UI) and unique user experiences (UX) for both the IOS and Android mobile platforms.

We value the feedback we receive from our clients and strive to provide the best user experience by incorporating new features and testing the latest versions of software.

Saving Time, Simple Service

“ParkZapp is great tool. It is user friendly, easy to access, it really helps in saving time, simple service. It is great!”

―Todd Shank, Parks Superintendent, City of Alhambra
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