Are you planning to start an online store? Then why wait, let's get right to it. Excellent sales, higher profit, low maintenance are just a few sales to make your business grow. In the current world of commerce, developing an e-commerce website is quite easy and requires only a low investment, which in the future helps your business to reap higher conversion rates. Engaging in multiple businesses online can be difficult to maintain and can be confusing. Your attention towards each business line is spread too thin which in turn will reflect directly on your conversion rates and overall bottom line.

Are you looking for a solution, a website development process, that can help you maintain multiple online stores with a single administration platform? The burden of maintaining multiple websites can be kept under check through one seamless tool. I guess the next question you might have is about a place where you can effectively build this platform? No worries! Zamorins Solutions, a leading Web Designing firm based out of Kerala has a faster and smarter solution you are looking for. We can provide you with the best all-in-one digital multi-store. Our solution helps you develop a platform that can create, handle, and control several web-based stores within a single administration panel

Zamorins brings you a powerful tool that will help you manage multiple online stores from a single admin panel. An effective e-commerce multi-store can give you the facelift your business always needed.

Let's have a look at how e-commerce multi-store works:

The admin or the owner has centralized control which enables him or her in easy switching and managing of multiple stores as per requirement.

Why does a brand need multiple e-commerce sites?

The implementation of multiple online stores will enable vendors to enhance their interaction with their current potential customer base, it also enables them to enter into previously inaccessible markets. Some of the ways that multi-store e-commerce sites can accomplish these goals are:

Distributing directly to the consumer (D2C)

A manufacturer pivoting away from partnering with retailers, and towards interacting with the end consumer, has a stark need for a multi-store e-commerce solution. For each of the regions it operates in, the manufacturer will need a digital presence to meet the local demand, collect data, host sales, and everything else that requires to successfully reach the consumers.

Brand separation

Another reason for a multi-store approach is that large companies operating under multiple brand names can create separate stores around each individual brand-while using just one platform.

For instance, the historic manufacturing brand Pacific Market International (PMI) leveraged Core DNA to bring their three separate brands, Slant, Aladdin, and Stanley, under one digital roof. By streamlining the processes, they were able to benefit from all of Core DNA e-commerce and content management features across all of their stores, which were separate, yet united

How to manage multiple e-commerce sites

Vendors should treat the development of each online store as if it were the only one they had in operation. At the same time, vendors must also view each online store as a tool in their overall business strategy. Some of the measures the vendors can take to tackle these issues are:

Identify niche or regional markets for each store

Vendors who develop stores that seek to fill the needs of niche markets can often see an increase in brand loyalty, which means higher rates of returning customers. Niche marketing can refer to targeting a specific market that either live in a specific area, earns a specific income, or has certain eclectic tastes.

Use a headless content management system

A headless content management system (CMS) ensures that a vendor's content will be consistent across multiple platforms and devices, including devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. A headless CMS is a platform that completely removes the frontend (head) of the CMS platform, leaving only the backend (the body).

A Multi-Site E-Commerce Platform is a Gateway to International Growth

Whether you're catering to various regions or managing several brands, entering international markets requires a multi-store e-commerce platform

As demonstrated above, multi-store management helps brands stay relevant in local markets, separate their brands, and simultaneously manage their entire e-commerce ecosystem from the same dashboard. International e-commerce brands such as Tivoli Audio and Stanley-PMI are leveraging Core DNA as their multi-store e-commerce solution, taking advantage of our SaaS infrastructure, headless commerce capabilities, industry-leading hands-on customer support, and 80+ web content management and e-commerce features

So these are a few things you should know about the revolutionary Multi-Store E-Commerce Website